Qommentary provides a centralised location where users can explore and find commentaries that have been created by any extension across all Qlik Sense applications.

Commentaries are richly-formatted narratives which can be associated to selections, linked to one or multiple charts in the sheet and submitted for approval (if required).

Commentaries can be filtered by one or multiple applications and searched by a specific keyword or author name. Additionally, commentaries can be archived when no longer required to be publicly visible.

Deleting a commentary

Deleting a commentary will allow you to permanently remove it from the database. This action cannot be undone. Any active workflows associated to the deleted commentary will be cancelled.

1. Go to the Commentaries Published section 2. Check the commentary/ies you would like to delete

3. Click on the Delete icon

Archiving a commentary

Archiving a commentary will remove it from the extension and move the commentary to the archived section. Any active workflows associated to the archived commentary will be cancelled.

1. Go to the Commentaries Published section 2. Check the commentary/ies you would like to archive

3. Click on the Archive icon

Currently, archiving commentary cannot be undone. This feature will be introduced in upcoming releases.

Searching for commentaries

Commentary can be searched by specific keywords or by the author name. You can also filter results by a a specific application or a group of applications.

Searching by commentary or author name

1. Start typing a commentary keyword or the name of a commentary author

Filtering by application

1. Click on the Filter by search box and start typing an application name

2. Alternatively, you can select one from the list

Exporting commentaries

Commentary data can be exported to Excel for offline use. The generated document will include any associated selections.

To export commentary, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Export button

2. An Excel document will be generated on-the-fly and downloaded to your specified location

Viewing archived commentaries

When commentaries are archived, they are cleared from the source extension and stored in the Archived section.

To view archived commentaries, navigate to the Commentaries » Archived section:

Archiving whole applications

If you wish to archive all commentaries found on a specific application, you can perform a bulk archive action in one single operation.

To archive commentaries on an application, follow these steps:

1. Go to Commentaries » Archived section 2. Click on the Archive App button

3. Start typing the name of an application or select from the list

4. Click on the Archive button