Email Notifications

Qommentary built-in notification system enables users to stay connected and always in the loop.

To configure your SMTP server settings, please refer to Setup > SMTP Server section

Email notifications are defined at a global level and can be customized with your organization's branded HTML templates.

Updating email templates

1. Click on the Edit button

2. Update template HTML on rich text editor

To restore a template back to it's original default state, simply click on the Use Default button

3. Click on Save button

Template placeholder tags

Email templates contain placeholder tags which are replaced with relevant information when email notifications are sent.

For a full list of supported placeholder tags, please refer to below table:

Supported tags

Tag name



Name of notification recipient


User who cancelled the workflow


Name of commentary reviewer


Name of user who added the comment


Name of user who added the comment


URL of application shared


Custom messaged sent by sender


Current workflow step number


Custom messaged sent by commentary submitter


Workflow name


Custom message sent by reviewer

Tag usage

Template name

Supported tags

Comment Added

[UserFullName] [Commentator] [Link]

Commentary Mention

[UserFullName] [Sender] [Link]

Commentary Share

[UserFullName] [Sender] [Message] [Link]

Commentary Watch

[UserFullName] [Link]

Workflow Review

[UserFullName] [StepNumber] [SubmitterComments] [Link]

Workflow Cancellation

[UserFullName] [AdminUserDisplayName] [ApprovalWorkflowName]

Workflow Approved

[UserFullName] [StepNumber] [ReviewerDisplayName] [ReviewerComments] [Link]

Workflow Rejected

[UserFullName] [StepNumber] [ReviewerDisplayName] [ReviewerComments] [Link]