Updating API endpoints

The Qommentary Pivot Table contains a main config.json file which holds information relevant to your environment where Qommentary is hosted - such as the Qommentary Engine API endpoint.

Sometimes, there's network changes on server where Qommentary is hosted which could impact extensions, such as:

  • FQDN changes (e.g. hosting Qommentary on a new server)

  • Protocol changes (e.g. moving from http to https)

  • Port changes (e.g. changing from default 5004 to a new port number)

To keep the Qommentary endpoints up to date, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Dev Hub

  2. Select the Qom Pivot Table extension

  3. Update the affected endpoints

Now you can embed the Qommentary Pivot Table extension in multiple applications across your Qlik Sense environment and manage configuration from a single location.

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