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The Qommentary team is extremely proud to introduce the highly-acclaimed Qommentary Form Extension to the Qommentary library!

Traditionally, data input and master data management is done in external tools and platforms which are usually clunky and incur cost, time and effort to setup and maintain.

The Qommentary Form Extension is a revolutionary data entry tool which allows users to quickly create and manage highly-customizable input forms, directly in Qlik Sense. Data can be stored in a wide range of databases with writeback capabilities.

Bug Fixes

[QOM-1023] Share modal displays preloader behind elements

Fixed a layering issue which caused the "loading" icon to be displayed behind the dropdown elements in the modal.

[QOM-307] Wrong error message displayed when subscription license expired

Fixed an issue which displayed an irrelevant message when the subscription license expired.

[QOM-1076] Table data not refreshed when resizing in Edit mode

Fixed an issue which affected the table data being refreshed when resizing extension in Edit mode.

[QOM-1405] Column search not working

Fixed an issue which affected the field search feature in column headers when the dimension field name was different than the label name.


[QOM-1334] New user experience when pivoting dimensions

We have introduced a better way of drag and dropping dimensions between rows and columns, which allows multiple dimensions to wrap in a grid-like layout, rather than being displayed horizontally in a single row. This provides an enhanced user experience for one of the most commonly used behaviours in a Pivot Table.

[QOM-1352] Support for license downgrading

We introduced support for license de-allocation which would be required when downgrading from a higher pool of user tokens to a lower one. This feature now allows Qommentary Admins to de-allocate user tokens until the valid limit is reached before the new license can be activated.

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