Client Certificates

The Qlik Sense Client certificate is required for Qommentary Engine to authenticate successfully with the Qlik Sense APIs.

Exporting Qlik Sense certificates

Firstly, let's export the Qlik Sense certificates to a new folder:

1. Login to QMC 2. Go to the Certificates section 3. Fill out the required Export information

Make sure you tick the Include secret key option.

4. Open the disk location where certificates were exported and copy the client.pfx certificate to the server where Qommentary will be hosted.

Importing Qlik Client certificate

Secondly, we'll import the newly exported certificate to the Qommentary server.

1. Double-click on the client.pfx certificate or right-click and choose Install PFX 2. Choose Local Machine as the store location and click Next

3. Leave the file name default to the current location and click Next

4. Leave the default option selected and click Next

5. Click Finish to finalize the certificate import wizard

You should now see the Qlik client certificate imported in the Personal Certificates folder

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