Mirroring Sites

Qommentary Mirroring architecture allows you to mirrow a Qommentary environment across multiple Qlik Sense sites. This way, commentary data can be shared and managed across all sites from any location.

In this type of architecture, there is a Central Node which acts as the single source of truth, and mirroring environments which communicate with the Central Node.

If you would like to mirror a Qommentary enviroment, please follow these steps:

Mirror Node Setup


1. Launch Qommentary Setup Wizard

2. Under Database section, uncheck "Install database server"

3. Enter Central Node database details and test connection

4. Continue installation as per Installation guide

Qlik Client Certificate

1. Navigate to QMC > Certificates in Central Node

2. Export certificates (include secret key)

3. Copy certificates to Mirrow Node

4. Install client.pfx certificate under Local Computer > Personal store

4. Rename QlikClient friendly name to QlikClient_CentralNode


1. Navigate to Qommentary installation location

2. Open Qommentary Engine folder

3. Edit appsettings.json with your favourite text editor

4. Add the following code snippet to the root node:

"IsMirroringEnabled": true, 
"Mirroring": {
      "CentralNode": { 
            "Url": "https://<central-node-hostname>", 
            "CertificateFriendlyName": "<QlikClient_CentralNode_CertificateFriendlyName>" 

Your appsettings.json should now look like this:

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