Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) means being prepared for—and recovering from—disaster. Any event such as hardware failure, software failure, natural calamity, human error, or infrastructure failure that causes disruption to business continuity can be considered a disaster.

Backing up a Qommentary site

A Qommentary site backup includes:

Qommentary database - The central database containing all user data and configuration. Regular backups should be conducted to avoid data loss.

Qlik Sense Client certificate - Qommentary uses the Qlik Sense Client certificate to authenticate with Qlik Sense API services.

SSL certificate - Any 3rd-party SSL certificate used to secure connection with the Qommentary Engine and Qommentary Manager.

Restoring a Qommentary site

After restoring Qlik Sense back to it's original snapshot state prior to the event, you will need to restore Qommentary back to normal.

Please follow these steps to restore Qommentary:

1. Install Qommentary on the recovery environment using the Qommentary Setup Wizard 2. Restore the Qommentary Database from the latest snapshot 3. Re-install the Qlik Sense Client certificate 4. Re-bind the SSL certificate to the Qommentary Manager/Engine sites (if applicable)

It is important that applications restorted in the recovery environment retain the same application ID as prior to the incident.

Qommentary associates data to applications and if the restored applications are imported manually via the QMC, the application ID will change and commentary data might loose reference.

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