The following checklist will ensure a comprehensive review is conducted across your Qommentary environment to validate that all dependencies are installed and running:

Server checklist

  • Are the Qommentary required ports opened?
  • Are all Qommentary components application pool identities in IIS running?
  • Do the Qommentary components in IIS have a valid SSL certificate binded?
  • Is WebDav Publishing in IIS disabled?
  • Is the QlikClient certificate installed under the LOCAL_COMPUTER personal certificate store?
  • Is the recommended version of .NET Hosting Bundle + Runtime installed?

Qlik Sense (QMC) checklist

  • Are the Qommentary endpoints whitelisted under the virtual proxy host list?
  • Do all Qommentary Extensions displayed in the Dev Hub have valid endpoints in the config?

Qommentary checklist

HTTP Error 500.19

HTTP Error 500.19
Problem An Internal Server error is displayed when trying to access the Qommentary Manager
Possible causes
  • Rewrite module missing
    Install the URL Rewrite module included in the Software Dependencies section
  • Corrupted .NET Core Hosting Bundle
    Try uninstalling and re-installing.
  • Qommentary Manager/Engine bindings to invalid or expired SSL certificates
    Bind a valid SSL certificate to the Qommentary Manager/Engine sites.

Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable error
Problem A Service Unavailable error is displayed when trying to access the Qommentary Manager.
Possible Causes
  • Qommentary Engine application pool stopped
    Try re-starting the Engine service and accessing the Qommentary Manager again from a browser. If the service is stopped again, try the troubleshooting steps below.
  • .NET Core Framework or one of it's components might be corrupted
    1. Open a cmd line terminal
    2. CD into the Qommentary Engine folder under the installation path
    3. Run "C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe" "C:\Program Files\Qommentary\Qommentary Engine\Qommentary.Api.dll"
    If you see the following screen, there is an issue with the .NET Core Framework installation:
    Try repairing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x64). If you encounter any issues repairing the component, it might be related to missing Windows updates. Try updating Windows and repairing the component again
  • QlikClient certificate is not installed
    Export certificates from Qlik Sense and install client.pfx
  • URL Rewrite version not compatible with Windows version
    1. Open Event Viewer 2. Select Application Logs 3. Check if there's any errors related to rewrite.dll failing to load
    Install the supported URL Rewrite module included in the Software Dependencies section.

415 Method Not Allowed

Spinning wheel when updating or deleting commentary
Problem Extension hangs on spinning wheel when trying to update or delete a commentary.
Possible cause Wev Dav might be enabled in IIS and is interfering with PUT and DELETE methods.
To disable the module, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Open Server Manager
  2. 2.
    Click on Add Roles and Features
  3. 3.
    Jump to Server Roles
  4. 4.
    Look for Web Server (IIS) > Web Server > Common HTTP features
  5. 5.
    Untick WebDAV Publishing
  6. 6.
    Click on Next and Install
For more information on disabling Web Dav in IIS, please refer to this guide.
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HTTP Error 500.19
Service Unavailable
415 Method Not Allowed