User Sync Utility

Qommentary imports users/groups from Qlik Sense to the Qommentary environment enabling user token allocation, security and approval workflows management.

The User Sync Utility is a standalone executable which can be triggered from any task schedule manager to automate the user sync process in Qommentary.

By default, Qommentary supports the built-in Windows Task Scheduler application which can be configured to run on a frequent schedule and trigger the Qommentary User Sync Utility.

To setup an automated user sync task, please follow these steps:

User Sync Utility

1. Download the User Sync Utility 2. Unzip contents to any folder on the server where Qommentary is hosted 3. Copy the appsettings.json file found on the Qommentary Engine folder under your installation path 4. Paste the file inside the User Sync Utility folder

Windows Task Scheduler

1. Open the Server Manager 2. Click on Tools > Task Scheduler

3. Click on Create Basic Task

You may also select Create Task if you would like a more advanced setup

4. Give your new task a name and click Next

5. Choose the frequency of your task and click Next

6. Choose when the task should start and click Next

7. Choose Start a program and click Next

8. Browse to the User Sychronization Utility location, select Qommentary.UserSync.exe and click Next

9. Review your details and click on Finish

Once the basic task has been created, we recommend reviewing each configuration tab to ensure it meets your requirements:

1. Double-click on the newly created Qommentary User Sync task

2. Select Run whether user is logged on or not and tick Run with highest privileges

4. Verify that the Conditions and Settings tabs display correct settings 5. Click on OK and enter your admin password


The User Sync Utility will create a log file in a daily basis and store in the setup folder.

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