DB Connection Utility

During the installation, Qommentary will encrypt database parameters into a connection string which is stored in the Qommentary Engine settings file.

The DB Connection Utility allows you to easily decrypt, update and encrypt the database connection string to update parameters such as database hostname, username or password.

To update the connection string, please follow these steps:

1. Download the DB Connection Utility 2. Unzip contents to any folder of your choice 3. Run the Qommentary.DBConnectionManager.exe file 4. Copy the encrypted connection string from the appsettings.json file located on the Qommentary Engine folder

"ConnectionStrings": {
    "Qommentary": "zKA40nbrJzFIzu1kXecgP45n1d1f9beA6MBvieX99UUmFMQxc2lpem8x6hV+TNDjgOa3+lvLJAie3Qnl+KbBxghI58LF4DgEHbZdqEpLIVoCIbOA9eFwpGUMXOzNbmTfQTD+LpHUEktCoIW6d7mQI4b2YJKcYy448rVGJk7K0fbbg8n"

5. Paste it in the Decrypt Connection String field and click on Decrypt

6. Copy the decrypted connection string and paste it in the Encrypt Connection String field 7. Update the connection string and click on Encrypt

8. Copy the encrypted connection string and replace it in the appsettings.json file 9. Recycle the Qommentary Engine application pool

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