Bug Fixes

[QOM-1915] Header column and row misalignment

Fixed an issue which caused the table header columns and rows to become misaligned when multiple columns were added.

[QOM-1916] Long text in cell overlaps

Fixed an issue which only impacted dimension cells with long single-string characters causing text to overlap on top of the next column when there wasn't enough space available.

[QOM-1917] Column dimension search not applying selections

Fixed an issue which prevented selections from being applied when searching in column dimensions. Clicking on any dimension would not apply any filters to the existing dataset.

[QOM-1914] Display date dimensions in the specified format

Resolved an issue which caused date dimension values to display in numeric format, rather than the specified formatted option.

New Features and Enhancements

Display titles of charts referenced by commentaries

Qommentary Insights allows you to add additional context to your commentaries by referencing sheet charts which you want to bring up during discussion. This new feature now also displays the title, subtitle and footer which have been added to the original chart.

Customize commentary icon appearance

In some scenarios, it is useful to maximize sheet real estate and display commentary as a chat bubble icon, rather than a full text editor. Now you can further personalize the user experience by customizing the chat bubble icon's color, background color and shape. Great for adhering with branding guidelines!

Create private conversations around data points

Unlock the power of personalized communication! In this release, we've transformed the commenting experience to elevate your interactions. Say goodbye to the limitations of public discussions – now, you have the power to choose between two dynamic comment creation methods: Quick and Advanced.

With the Quick method, keep the channel open and send messages effortlessly triggering rapid communication. Meanwhile, the Advanced method empowers you with enhanced controls, enabling you to tailor your comments as public (for everyone to see), private (exclusively for your eyes only), or selectively shared with specific individuals you invite to the conversation.

Organize your conversations neatly using comment reply threads

We're taking business discussions to a whole new level! Replies in comment threads enhance engagement, streamline communication, and foster a sense of community by allowing users to address specific points, creating a more organized and personalized interaction within the broader conversation.

Pinning favorite columns to table

Exciting news! Our latest update introduces a fantastic new feature designed to elevate your workflow and boost productivity. Now, you can effortlessly pin columns for quick reference and enhanced context within our user-friendly interface. Experience the convenience of having key information right at your fingertips, making data analysis a breeze.

Horizontal and vertical alignment control on cells

Now, you have the power to finely tune the presentation of your data with the introduction of text alignment control in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, all conveniently accessible through the Properties Panel.

Row font size control

We keep introducing more ways to customize your tables! With just a few clicks in the Properties Panel, you can effortlessly adjust the font size for text in rows, allowing you to create documents that are not only informative but visually stunning. Tailor your content to perfection, ensuring every detail is presented with precision and flair.

SQL Server connections with Windows Authentication

Enterprises love connecting to databases using a variety of authentication mechanisms. In this release we're introducing by popular demand a new way to establish a SQL Server connection using Windows Authentication.

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