What's new?

In the January 2022 release we are extremely excited to introduce the new Qommentary Pivot Table extension to the Qommentary library.

The Qommentary Pivot Table extension allows teams to leverage the power of a Qlik Sense native pivot table, combined with the ability to collaborate by adding multiple comments on cells - on any data intersection.

Bug Fixes

[QOM-1130] Export after re-ordering columns displays invalid data

Fixed an export data issue which caused values in Excel to be displayed in the incorrect columns if input columns where re-ordered prior to exporting.

[QOM-1132] Enabling concurrency hangs extension

Fixed an issue which caused the extension to hang if concurrency was enabled.

[QOM-1133] Country dropdown list cutting off long names on export

Fixed a data export issue with the Dropdown component (Country type) which cut-off countries with long names when exported to Excel.


[QOM-1112] Audit columns

Now you can easily add system info to your tables by automatically displaying the last updated username and date. A great way to keep track of changes!

[QOM-1125] Expression Input Control

The Expression Input Control allows you to leverage Qlik Sense expressions to reference values not only from dimension and measure columns, but also custom writeback input columns. A powerful way to display columns with calculated formulas on-the-fly.

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