[QOM-885] User and group picker in share modal

Fixed a layer display issue with the user and group picker which was hiding behind the modal window.

[QOM-876] Table hangs when mentioning users on first comment

Fixed an issue which caused the loading spinner to hang when adding a first comment which had a mentioned user.

[QOM-765] Sort icon disappearing

Fixed an issue which caused the sort icon to hide or display incorrectly. Sort icon will now adopt the text colour set on the header or totals row - depending on the sorting direction.

[QOM-928] Long values in dropdown options wrap

Fixed an issue with dropdown controls when applying very long text options which caused the values to wrap into 2 or more lines and break the UI layout.

[QOM-925] Export date displayed as number

Fixed an issue with exporting writeback table data to Excel which caused the date fields to be displayed in it's numeric representation.

[QOM-932] Disable selections on measures

Disabled selections on measures which resulted on an "Invalid parameters" error being displayed.

[QOM-933] Custom colours in header not applying

Fixed an issue with the custom text and background colours for table headers not appearing.

[QOM-850] Enable export control

Added a new property to enable or disable commentary exporting functionality.

[QOM-840] Enable bulk edit controls

Added new properties to enable or disable bulk column and/or advance bulk update operations in the table.

[QOM-881] Reference input column values from expressions

Enhanced flexibility and user experience to enable or disable editing of input columns based on expressions which can reference values from other input columns.

[QOM-905] Header height control

Introduced new controls to customize the header height, choosing from 3 options: compact, comfortable or spacious. The height selected will also determine if 1, 2 or 3 lines of text can be displayed.

[QOM-922] Dropdown control with dimension values

We're introducing a new way to source values for your dropdown input controls - sourced directly from Qlik Sense dimensions. This allows you to leverage pre-existing fields in the data model to drive dropdown options presented to users.

[QOM-925] Export date display format

Added new properties to show/hide export function and also determine if the exported date fields should display with locale format or as per Qlik Sense.

[QOM-931] Disable create, edit or delete connections for unauthorized users

Added new security controls to disable unauthorized users from creating, editing or deleting data connections in published applications.

[QOM-872, QOM-873] Allow export and share for unlicensed users

We keep adding more freemium features to our Qommentary extensions, now allowing non-licensed users to export and share commentary data.

[QOM-899] Added input control field name validation

Added new validation in table and properties panel if input control field name is left blank.

[QOM-905] New sticky header rendering mechanism

We improved the stability and consistency of the table sticky header by re-building it from scratch with a new more powerful approach.

[QOM-962] Added audit table name validation

Added new validation in table and properties panel if audit logs table name is empty or contains spaces.

[QOM-896] Improved performance for syncing large number of users

We've added significant performance improvements in the user synching process to handle large number of users (+10,000) when triggered from the Qommentary Admin Console or the User Sync Utility.

[QOM-924] Syncing AD groups ignoring case-sensitivity

To further align with Qlik Sense's rules when importing user attributes, we are now allowing non case-sensitive groups to be synced into your Qommentary environment.

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